Abdominal access and the creation of pneumoperitoneum during laparoscopic surgery carry a significant risk of injury to a patient's bowel and vasculature.

LapCap2 Video

Reshaping the Approach to Laparoscopic Entry: How It Works

Life Care's LapCap™2 is a sterile, single use device, incorporating a molded plastic dome, with a port for attachment of the suction system and septum for the insertion of a Veress needle.

The device is centered over the umbilicus, a suction hose is attached to the suction port and negative pressure is applied. The abdomen immediately rises, allowing the Veress needle to be inserted into the created space with reduced risk of injuring a vital organ, vessel or structure.

Inert gas can then be delivered, in the usual way, to replace the negative pressure and the procedure can commence.

Advantages to the LapCap2:

  • Less traumatic method of lifting the abdominal wall
  • Increases space for Veress needle entry
  • Enables single-operator access
  • Stabilizes the abdomen
  • Rapid, repeatable creation of pneumoperitoneum
  • Reduces time to insufflation
  • Reduces risk of injury to underlying organs & vessels

A real surgery using LapCap2

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