About Life Care Medical Devices

Life Care Medical Devices is focused on the development, production and distribution of innovative products that will reshape the treatment paradigm for the physician and improve quality of life for the patient.

The Company’s lead product, Life Care’s LCM-1 is based on advanced modern magnetics: proprietary high frequency magnetic induction technology (Life Care Magnetic Induction, or LCMI). The first product in this line, the LCM-1, relies on rapidly alternating magnetic fields that pass harmlessly through the skin surface and deliver localized, planar heat to tissues for treatment of selected medical conditions. The Company’s research shows that in skin, the heat localizes primarily in s collagen-rich dermal tissue just below the surface as well as in the deeper muscle layers.

Life Care’s follow-on products are designed to improve the standard of care for surgeons by improving access while reducing complications. Future product applications are expected to provide the physician radical new tools for treating conditions such as incontinence and improving wound closure.  

Already, LCMD is making inroads into the minimally invasive surgery space with an innovative product, the LapCap™2. LapCap 2 is a proprietary device specifically designed to advance the standard of care for laparoscopic surgery by providing safe, rapid and repeatable access for minimally invasive abdominal procedures. Life Care is dedicated to improving surgery by working to ensure LapCap2 becomes the global standard for laparoscopic access.